PCGS Restoration

PCGS Restoration

Restore Your Coins


PCGS Restoration is a service designed to help Collectors address environmental problems with their coins.

Through various non-invasive and industry-accepted techniques, PCGS Restoration can safely restore and enhance the appearance of coins.

  • Preserve Your Coins’ Originality
  • Receive Expert Evaluation
  • Receive PCGS Grading & Guarantee of Authenticity & Grade on all Coin Restorations
PCGS Restoration


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Pricing & Payment

  • Modern Service (1949 to Date, Maximum value 1,000€ per coin): 22€ per coin Restoration and Grading Fee.*
  • General Submissions: Restoration and Grading Fee is 2% of the value of the coin in its final grade (min. of 30€). PCGS will determine all fees once the order is finalized.*
  • *10€ Evaluation Fee (applies to both Modern Service and General Submissions) – If PCGS determines the coin(s) will not benefit from restoration, nor should be restored, the coin(s) can still be submitted for grading. For coins that complete the grading process, standard grading fees apply plus the Evaluation Fee.
    • The 2% fee is based upon the value of the coin in its final grade. The value of the coin is determined by the PCGS Price Guide value for that grade or the Declared Value of the coin if the Price Guide value is not available. The minimum amount for the 2% fee is 30€. PCGS reserves the sole right to make the final determination of the coin’s value.
  • For coins that require the use of an oversized holder, there is an additional fee of 20€ per coin.
  • Restoration fees can be paid by the following methods of payments: Credit Card, Line of Credit, Check or Bank Wire Transfer.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • All U.S. and World coins that PCGS currently authenticates may be submitted.
  • You must be a current PCGS Collectors Club Member or PCGS Authorized Dealer to submit coins for PCGS Restoration.
  • The appropriate PCGS Restoration submission form must be used.
  • Submit current PCGS-graded coins in their existing holders.
  • We do not accept minimum grade requests.
  • Coins graded by other third-party grading services may be submitted, only if you authorize PCGS to remove the coin(s) from their holder following the initial evaluation of the coin(s). Coins removed from other third-party holders do not qualify for a grade guarantee. You indemnify PCGS from any damage that may be done to the coin(s) during this process. You also acknowledge that some coins may have problems that are not apparent until removed from their holder.
  • All grades are possible including Genuine, Not Gradable. Genuine with Details is the default Genuine Service. Other options, such as 'Genuine No Details' or 'Do Not Holder Genuine', can be selected on the submission form.
  • Restoration submissions can be mailed in or dropped off at the PCGS Paris Submission Center or at a scheduled coin show where PCGS will be accepting submissions.

Restoration Process

  • Estimated turnaround time is 4-6 weeks.
  • All coins are evaluated before being removed from their holders.
  • You must agree that PCGS has the right to determine all final coin values.
  • You must agree to pay all fees as determined by PCGS or your submission will not be accepted.

Submitting a coin for PCGS Restoration in no way guarantees the upgrade of your coin. If the coin is already in a PCGS holder, it is guaranteed not to downgrade, nothing more. Through our restoration service, PCGS is committed to preserving and restoring coins to their original and natural condition.


  • PCGS Restoration will not remove original toning simply to make a coin white.
  • PCGS Restoration will never add toning to a coin.
  • In cases where PCGS determines that removing toning is necessary and desirable and will not detract from the coin, it may be done. This type of toning may be the result of improper storage, interaction with corrosive materials, or a stain due to an accidental spill.

Surface Contaminants

  • PCGS Restoration will remove any contaminants that are determined to have been deliberately and artificially applied. Examples include putty, dumdum, grease and other substances known to be used by “coin doctors.”
  • Restoration will remove contaminants introduced to the coin’s surface through improper care or storage. Examples of this are PVC or Verdigris.
  • Dirt or debris can often be removed through a gentle rinse.
  • PCGS Restoration will never add any substance to the surface of a coin.


  • Spots on coins can be the result of a variety of causes. Many spots can be removed, yet some cannot be removed without damaging the coin.
  • PCGS will not attempt to remove a spot unless it is determined that the spot significantly detracts from the coin's overall appearance or is active and will continue to grow.
  • PCGS will not attempt to restore a spotted coin if that in our opinion, a spot is so deep that removal would lower the coin's overall condition.
  • Older spots such as old spittle or old thumbprints often cannot be removed without stripping the coin's original surface and will not be attempted.
  • Newer contaminants such as recent fingerprints can be removed. Also, certain spots due to corrosive interactions can often be removed without impairing the surface.


  • PCGS Restoration will never add, remove or alter metal. This includes engaging in well-known “coin doctoring” practices such as smoothing, whizzing, polishing, engraving, etc.
  • Issues such as scratches, dings, planchet flaws or bending will not be addressed. If it is determined that a coin suffering from one or more of these problems does not have other issues that can be addressed through Restoration, the coin will be returned as is.