Welcome to the PCGS Set Registry

Welcome to the PCGS Set Registry®

Home to the world’s finest coin collections, the PCGS Set Registry enables collectors to safely display their PCGS-graded coins in a secure online environment and compare their collections to some of the greatest ever assembled. Designed for all levels of collectors, you can start with one coin and gradually build a set or you can add an entire collection.

The PCGS Set Registry enables you to track your inventory, market prices, costs, and populations. You can add images to individual coins and create a photo album of your collection. Part of the fun of the Registry is the competition among collectors. As you add inventory and build your sets, you’ll watch as your set moves up in ratings. Achieving the number one rank in your category may mean a chance to win recognition in the annual PCGS Set Registry awards.

Join the community of collectors who share your love of the hobby. All you need to start is the certification number of one of your PCGS-graded coins. It's fun, easy and free!

The PCGS Set Registry is English-based, but because it is so easy to use, we are providing you with a step-by-step guide in your language. After you get started, should you have any questions, please email [email protected].


Sign Up

To begin, just sign up here.


Agree to Terms

Once you are logged in, agree to the rules by clicking the "I Accept" button at the bottom of the page.



On the next page, you will see a menu bar at the top of the page.


Add Inventory

Click "Add Inventory" on the menu bar.


Type your certification number into the box. Click "Add."


Start a Set

To start a new set in the Registry, click "Add New Set."

If your inventory matches a set composition, a set will appear as available to add on this page. Click "View Composition" to start a set.

On the next page click "Start This Set."

On the next page scroll down and click "ADD BEST AVAILABLE ITEMS."

To publish your set, click the "Commit or Rollback" button.

Finally, click "Commit."

Note: While there is a set for every U.S. coin, there are many world coins that may not have a set composite. If you would like to start a set that is currently not in the Registry, please email [email protected] with your request.

Additional Features

My Inventory

You can keep track of your coin inventory in My Inventory. You can add your cost, current value, purchase date, source and owner’s comments. You can also add images.

My Sets

This page lists the sets you have created. You can view and edit each set by clicking "View." You can also view the set in the public Registry by clicking on the composite name.


The Collectors Showcase is a non-competitive area of the Set Registry where you can display your coins that may not necessarily have a set composite. Click "Create new Showcase."

Name your showcase and then click the down arrow in the Category box. Your category selections are the following:

To add coins to the Showcase, click "Add Coin" which appears in the right column.

Then click "Edit" and check Published to have your coins show publicly in the Collectors Showcase.

My Orders

If you submit coins for grading directly to PCGS, your order will appear on this page. You can then automatically add these coins to your inventory from your orders when they appear in the "Available to Add to My Inventory" column.

My Want List

If you have coins you are looking to buy, you can keep track of your list in “My Want List.” To add coins to the list, click “Add Coins.”

If you use PCGS numbers to identify your coins, all the information will be filled in for you. If you want to add world coins, check the box to "Include world coins." Type in the date and denomination of your coin in the Search box. A list of coins will appear.

Locate your coin and click it. All the information will fill into the boxes. Click "Add wanted item."

If you do not use PCGS numbers, you can fill in the information by typing it in the boxes.

My Preferences

This area allows you to personalize your registry listings. If you choose not to allow visitors to open your set and view your coins on the public website, you can remain private.

Should you have questions about how to use the PCGS Set Registry, please email [email protected]