nd(1815) 3 R KM-13 C/M on Cut 8R MS(PCGS#447701)

nd(1815) 3 R KM-13 C/M on Cut 8R MS (PCGS#447701)

August 2018 ANA World Coins Auction Philadelphia, PA

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CURACAO. 3 Reaals (18 Stivers or Guillotine), ND (ca. 1800-01). PCGS Genuine--Tooled, Fine Details Secure Holder. 6.60 gms. KM-7; Prid-pg. 251 Fig. 25; Scholten-1368a; Duffield-975(plate coin). "Star" or Rosace of five petals countermark applied to reverse of a cut 1/4 Dollar with crenated edges of 1793-MoFM bust 8 Reales of Charles IIII(IV). During the governorship of J. K. Lauffer small silver coinage was obtained by cutting whole Spanish Dollars into quarters. A quantity of 7,000 Dollars were cut into equal parts by goldsmith H. J. Hoyer and were declared current at 3 Reaals or 18 Stivers. The local name given to these as referred to in public notices was "Guillotinos". A public notice of 3rd March 1801 warned against forgeries. VERY RARE and very interesting, much more so than the later more common British occupation issues of cut 1/5 Dollars. It should be noted that the indent on the reverse next to the date is identical to the example plated in Fred Pridmore's ground breaking work "The Coins of the British Commonwealth of Nations Part 3 West Indies". The countermark is well placed and bold. Though the holder indicates tooling this is not accurate, numerous scratches are present on both the obverse and reverse from long ago now toned over. The date and KM number listed on the PCGS insert are incorrect. Dark gray to charcoal toning throughout with hints of blue that pop out when tilted in the light. Another treat for the specialist of West Indies cut and countermarked issues. Countermark VF Details, host coin Estimate: $900 - $1,200. Provenance: Plated in "A Trial List of the Countermarked Modern Coins of the World" by F.G. Duffield # 975 published in the Numismatist between July 1919-August 1921. PCGS# 447701. PCGS Genuine--Tooled, Fine Details Secure Holder. Click here for certification details from PCGS.
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